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Behind the scenes photos for the short film "Mötet".

"Mötet is a realistic drama about the insights of growing up and the realization that adults do not know everything. The film tells the story of a parent-teacher meeting over Skype purposed to solve a sensitive incident where Sebbe has torn his classmate Nadia’s hijab. The adults fail to resolve the matter and only make things worse."


This project was made by a group of students from Stockholm Filmskola.
Directors - Elvira Lauthers & Amica Palenius

Cinematographers- Tobias Andersson & Simon Johansson

Producers - Adrian Ledel & Vidar Bengtcén

First Assistant Director - Gabriel Sätre 

Sound - Vidar Bengtcén 

Script - Linda Lövgren & Didrik Thurfjell 

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